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finding inspiration and change

Health Coaching consists of me working with you to identify your health issues as well as relevant lifestyle issues and set achievable improvement goals, meeting regularly to assess your progress. 


  • We start with a free 20 minute exploratory session via phone or Zoom to assess if coaching is for you and if we are a good match. Coaching is an intimate relationship and you must feel comfortable. 

  • In our early sessions, we’ll create an agenda map together, an effective approach to support you in exploring and ultimately identifying a chosen area of focus for the conversation of change.

  • Agenda mapping is crucial to visibly see all the issues that you are dealing with as you are trying to set SMART goals.

  • Once the goals and plan have been established, we set the frequency of sessions. 

  • Change takes time. Three months of health and wellness coaching is recommended, but achieving your goals could take more or less time. 


Agenda mapping

Example: A client may initially state that their goal is to develop better eating habits to lose weight. During the course of our conversation, however, the client states that they are tired all the time due to only receiving 4 hours of sleep per night. We may refine the client’s target area for change as the conversation evolves.


SMART goals

SMART goals work! They consist of making the goal specific and not vague. As we work together to set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound goals today, you will quickly see change begin tomorrow.

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How coaching works


“Kathy Margiasso is knowledgeable, professional, caring, and simply wonderful. I attribute my continued good fitness over the past 20 years in large part to Kathy.”

— Susan W.

“Kathy combines her many years of experience, intuition, and power of observation to safely guide each of her clients to their individual goals. Her creativity ensures that each session is novel and fun!” 

— Nancy T.

“I met Kathy 18 years ago after the birth of my youngest child. She helped me make time for myself and prioritize my health in taking care of my family and running a small business from home. Flash forward to 2020 and my work/family/health life was definitely out of balance. There was only one person who could get me back on track—Kathy. She recognizes the intense demands of my job and family and provides tailored guidance that fits into the realities of my life. I will always be grateful that I met her all those years ago.”

— Sheila S.

“Kathy made me understand that I hadn’t invested in my health in a long time. She asked, “Are you ready?” Yes, I was. And so she changed my life. Bit by bit, session by session.” 

— Justine T.

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