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get certified in life-saving CPR and First Aid

You need no previous experience with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or First Aid. I offer courses in both certification and recertification. The level of certification that you need depends on your occupation and/or interest. Most courses are about 3 hours long.


  • American Heart Association HeartSaver 

  • American Heart Association First Aid 

  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support 

  • American Heart Association Friends and Family 

  • Babysitting (includes basic CPR)


  • Learn how to use the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) from an AED trainer. 

  • Receive feedback on the depth of your compressions with the Bluetooth-enhanced manikin. 

  • Learn how to assist a conscious and unconscious choking victim.

  • Learn how to react in an emergency since every moment counts.

  • Courses for individuals are given at different locations (see Upcoming Courses).  

  • Certification courses are also available for an entire staff at their place of business. 

  • Prices vary depending on course type and size—a minimum of 4 participants, no more than 10. Currently, breathing is simulated.   

CPR Courses


“Kathy teaches you all the skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiorespiratory, choking and other emergencies for adults, children and infants. She has an exceptional ability to convey important information in a short period of time, ensuring that participants actively learn the material. At the course conclusion, you are ready to respond should you enter a situation where you are the only person around that could save someone’s life.” 

— Guild F.

“As a fitness professional I have taken many CPR/AED certifications. But taking it with Kathy was by far my best experience. She is very thorough and detailed. Kathy makes sure you leave feeling confident using your CPR/AED skills to save a life. The course was also hands-on and interactive, mimicking real-life scenarios. Kathy is open to questions and very friendly. Definitely will recertify with her again!”

— Janielle R.

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